Monday, April 11, 2011

Red and Blue Photo Redo

Yea!  I finally got to re-shoot the red and blue cupcakes today!  Today has been absolutely gorgeous, so I thought the lighting would be perfect for a little impromptu photo shoot.  I learned some good things about outdoor set ups today........
1) Plan out everything you need so you do not have to go in and out a bunch of times to get things.
2) I love windy spring days like this, but keep clear packing tape or pins handy to keep the wind from blowing things around too much.  You can see in some of the photos where the table cloth had been moved around from it.
3) Keep a little painbrush handy for all of the little critters that want to land on the icing!  These cupcakes will not be eaten or given away by the way.
4) Do not have a gallbladder attack in the middle of it.

Okay so on with the pictures.  I am loving how these turned out and I am loving this glorious day that the Lord has given us!!  Thank you Lord!!

Oh, and these are white cake with buttercream icing and fondant flowers.

Thanks for looking!

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