Wednesday, February 9, 2011

He Knows My Heart

Well, the radio bake sale fell through because the radio hosts did not realize that only retail bakers could participate.  I am just a hobby baker, so I do not fall under that rule.  But, I am actually really glad now that I don't have to try and produce some things in a pinch.  I have been really stressing over what to do with such a limited time to do it.  Like, really stressing more than normal, lol!  I came up with several ideas, but I just did not feel like I could have done them in time, the way I wanted to do them.  Does that make sense?  So yes, I was actually relived to find out!

In the meantime though, this now gives me more time to work on a birthday cake for my lovely sister in law for this weekend, and for some Valentine's Day cookies for Monday!! 

I love how God truly knows my heart!!

I will post the cake and cookies as soon as I get them done.


  1. Holly - as someone who has seriously had dreams about your brownies (after Kelly brought them to Croptoberfest several years ago), never stress over something to bake in a short time. Make those brownies and folks will be eating of your hands - literally!

  2. Thanks Dianne! Send me your address and I can send you some!
    I love those too, but my new favorite is my new chocolate cake recipe....soooo good! My hubby loves it, especially with ice cream, and homemade fudge sauce poured over it all! Nom, nom.